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Based upon the feedback received, the project team has been working to identify key concepts related to land use, economic development, and historic resources. These preliminary ideas will be introduced at a series of events scheduled in January/February 2023. Stay tuned for more details! 

Community Participation Team

The Community Participation Team (CPT) is an advisory group appointed by the Board of Supervisors to provide input on the Envision Hanover planning process. The CPT will discuss the Comprehensive Plan Update and provide the project team with direction regarding certain concepts presented in that document. Click here to view the CPT roster.

November 30, 2022

Meeting Agenda and Supporting Materials: November 30, 2022

October 17, 2022

Meeting Agenda and Supporting Materials: October 17, 2022

Meeting Presentation: October 17, 2022

August 30, 2022

Meeting Agenda: August 30, 2022

Meeting Presentation: August 30, 2022

Meeting Minutes: August 30, 2022

July 14, 2022

Meeting Agenda and Supporting Materials: July 14, 2022

Meeting Minutes: July 14, 2022

June 8, 2022

Meeting Agenda and Supporting Materials: June 8, 2022

Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2022


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