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Adopted Plan: September 27, 2023
Adopted Map Book: September 27, 2023
Interactive General Land Use Plan
Draft Text and Maps: Comprehensive Plan Update

Full Draft Text: September 22, 2023

(Additional language regarding water quality added to Chapter 11: Environment + Resiliency)

Draft Map Book: September 26, 2023

(Additional maps added to the end to show environmental features)

Full Draft Text: August 29, 2023

Draft Map Book: August 29, 2023 

Staff Report: Board of Supervisors Public Hearing (September 13, 2023)

Previous Draft

Full Draft Text: July 25, 2023

Draft Map Book: July 25, 2023

Previous Drafts by Topic Area

Land Use: Draft Text and Maps

Draft Text and Descriptions

Draft Maps with Proposed Changes Listed

Draft General Land Use Plan: Revisions Based on Round #1 Input (April 2023)

Draft General Land Use Plan (January/February 2023)

Active Living: Draft Text and Maps

Housing: Draft Text
Rural/Agricultural: Draft Text

History and Culture: Draft Text

Economic Vitality: Draft Text and Maps

Environment + Resiliency: Draft Text

Transportation: Draft Text and Maps

Community Facilities: Draft Text and Maps

Background Materials


Current Comprehensive Plan

Public Engagement

Landowner Requests to Change Future Land Use Designation

The Comprehensive Plan helps guide decisions regarding land use, establishing a vision of how different parts of the County may grow and evolve. The General Land Use Plan is a map that designates areas where new development may be appropriate over the next twenty years. The land use designations are not intended to be site-specific but are to be used as a guide for zoning deliberations.

Landowner Requests to Change Future Land Use Designations

As part of the citizen engagement process, landowners were given the opportunity to submit requests to change the future land use designations applied to their properties (as shown on the General Land Use Plan). These requests are high-level, preliminary ideas about how landowners imagine their property being used during the planning horizon. To date, 21 applications have been submitted. The information can be reviewed on the attached spreadsheet and map that generally shows the locations of these requests.


The County is beginning the process of reviewing the General Land Use Plan, and these requests will be analyzed during that process. There will be additional public meetings to obtain feedback on all land use changes.

Overview of General Land Use Plan

Video Overview

Virtual Open House


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